<aside> ➡️ Data below was derived from your Shopify store for period 01.01.2021 → 08.28.2021


👔 Executive Summary

Hi Maxx,

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you. My agency just completed our Product Journey, Sales Cycle and LTV analysis. You have a really interesting business with a lot of wins and some opportunities to grow.

This report contains four sections. The first section, we use all your Shopify data to identify the top products of the business. In the next section, we look at those products through the lens of Lifetime Customer Value (LTV).

After that, we move into analyzing each product's sales cycle from 1st purchase to 4th purchase. Finally, we evaluate the efficacy of the product journey of your top selling products. All the sections are accompanied with commentary, conclusions and visualizations.

At the end, we give a few recommendation in our Final Analysis.

If you have questions or want to chat before our call, just ping me. I'll have my team start working on some tactical and strategic suggestions for us to review on our next call.



🕵🏻 Top Products

The top products we identified for your business are: